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Mounting of Flextime wall clock

How to mount Flextime 

The Flextime wall clock is easy to mount on almost any surface. The Clockwork is mounted on a screw and the Time Marks are self-adhesive. Use the included mounting template to place the Time Marks correctly.

See how to mount Flextime in the movie:


Removal of the time marks

With the right technique, it is possible to remove the adhesive time marks without damaging the wall. Use a sharp utility knife and place the knife blade in between the wall and the adhesive pad. Cut around the pad until it release the wall by itself.

See how the time marks are removed in this film:

Ready to use template
Buy a ready to use template. Use them to mount a Flextime wall clock with a diameter from 20 to 110 cm (7.9 to 43.3 inch). The templates are printed on heavy paper and are ready to use. No need to download, print, cut and tape..

Mounting template 84 cm

Download a free template

The mounting templates are also available in three sizes as PDF-files. You have to download, print, cut and tape the templates before they are ready for use. Click on a template to download:

Mounting template 50 cm Mounting template 70 cm Mounting template 90 cm

In order to mount a Timedots wall clock larger than 90 cm (35 inch), use a folding rule or ruler to increase the time lines in the template. User's manual is printed on each template.

To open the templates you have to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the program for free on the Adobe homepage.