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About Timedots

Father and son Ole & Thomas Birkebsek

The clocks from Timedots has its roots in the southern part of Denmark in Europe. In our little workshop all components were (and still are) assembled by hand. The components are made by Danish or German sub suppliers.

In 2017 Timedots moved to Berlin in Germany.

The production series are as small as 10 units, and our products are only available in our online shop. For this reason a Timedots clock is not found in every home or business. Actually Timedots is unknown for most people, except the few who want a unique designer product in high quality.

Timedots creates wall clocks in a simple innovative design. Clocks made of high quality materials and strong components.

We focus equally on design and function in our effort to give our customers a range of options to make the design individual.

Article May 2000: Birkebaek I/S wins The Danish Championship in  entrepreneurship. From the left side: Minister of industry Pia Gjellerup, Klaus Skovrup, Kristina Rudebeck and Thomas VBirkebæk

The history of Timedots

Timedots was founded in 1999 under the name Birkebaek I/S. The company was established as a start-up project in the organization Young Enterprise on The Business School of Haderslev, Denmark.

In 2000 Birkebaek I/S won the Danish campionship in entreneurship.When the Young Enterprise project came to its end in the summer of 2000, the company is coontioued under the name Birkebaek & Just. The persons behind the company was Thomas Birkebæk and Jesper Just Nielsen.

The range of products was expanded with more wall clocks, world clocks and table clocks. The clocks from B&J was sold by clock makers in Denmark and exported to Europe and USA.

In 2005 Birkebaek Group buys B&J and changes operations so the range of roducts as well as  production capacity is limited.

The network of offline retailers is abandoned in favor of selling directly to the customers via the newly opened webshop.

In 2008 the company name is changed to Timedots and the further development is focused on the wall clock series Flextime.

Company information:

Timedots vwall clocks logoTimedots
c/o Thomas Pilgaard Birkebaek
Charlottenburger Ufer 16 A
10587 Berlin
Phone: (+49) 172 4408 326
E-mail: info@time-dots.com

The family behind Timedots

Timedots was part of the family business Birkebaek Group which was founded in 1976 and managed by the family head Ole Pilgaard Birkebæk. The daily operation is handled by the family Birkebæk with production and development in Vojens, Denmark, and sales and web design in Berlin, Germany.

In May 2017 Thomas bought the company from Birkebaek Group and moved Timedots to Berlin in Germany, where Thomas has been living since 2009.

Sketch of Flextime wall clock designed by Thomas in 2002

The Flextime wall clock concept

The Fextime wall clock was designed by Thomas Birkebæk and presented as a new product on The Gold, Silver & Watches Fair in Bella Center, Copenhagen in 2002.

This flexible design-it-yourself wall clock is the trademark and most important roduct for Timedots. The concept of a clock center with large hands and self-adhesive time marks allows the customer to put together a wall clock as desired with optional diameter. With over 1000 possible combinations Timedots offersthe largest range of design combinations for this type of wall clock.

Office and production facility of Timedots  in Berlin

Local production

As a small manufacturer it is a challenge for Timedots to compete with international msnufactures which produces in large quantities in Asia.

Timedots must therefore operate unconventionally with small series, large flexibility and creative solutions.

A very important part of Timedots success is due to the carefully selected Danish and German suppliers. Their products and competent employees provide Timedots a decisive advantage.

Special edition of the Flextime wall clock with red hands mounted at Vejle Music Theatre in Denmark
Jesper Just Nielsen and Thomas Birkebaekbuilding wall clocks by hand in the workshop in Vojens in 2004

Hand assembly

The products from Timedots are assembled by hand in the workshop in Vojens, Denmark. The individual components are purchased from suppliers and are assembled into finished products without the use of machines.

With emphasis on precision, high finish and sharp quality control ensures every product longevity. Many of the clocks made since the beginning in 1999 still works without problems.

Thomas is mounting a very large wall clock on Starup school near Haderslev

Quality and service

Design, quality and service are fundamental values of Timedots.

The customer is not just offered a simple product but a package with 30 days return and a 5 year warranty. We have made detailed templates and videos to help with installation.

First when the customer has received, installed the clock and everything is in order - first then Timedots is satisfied. This is also reflected in the customer feedback of Timedots on Trustpilot.

Our webshops

We only sell our products online. This distribution is chosen to ensure our customers the best level of information, a large selection of products, the best guidance and fast delivery.

Visit our local online stores here:
Denmark: www.timedots.dk
Germany: www.timedots.de
Norway: www.timedots.no

Design, quality and service are fundamental values of Timedots.

Artig Gallery

Timedots has a close cooperation with the online art gallery Artig Gallery. We share photo locations for our products and help each other promote our unique creative concepts to people with a passion for design and original art.